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Son of ?????  and  ?????

Husband of Dorota ????? ( xxxx - bef. 1637 )

Father of 2 children : Pavel ( my 8th great-grandfather ) and Matous

9th Great-Grandfather to Michael Joseph Lippa


Jan Vnuk ( abt. 1570 - abt. 1637 ) is the oldest "Lipa" ancestor that has been researched.  It is only through old Czech land records that there is knowledge of him. In 1600 Jan Vnuk purchased the "Lipa Farm".  The original owners of the farm were Waclaw and Marta Lipa and when Waclaw died, Marta probably wasn’t able to look after the farm alone (their son Peter was also dead) and decided to sell the farm. The buyer was Jan Vnuk (the name means grandson in Czech) who was not related to Waclaw and Marta Lipa but took on the house name Lipa after he acquired the property.



Family Group Page - Jan Vnuk-Lipa, Dorota ????? and their 2 children



Land Record Summary - 1600 thru 1769 - Lipa Farm


Land Record - 1600 to 1606 - Jan Vnuk purchases the Lipa Farm from Waclaw and Marta in 1600


Land Record - 1607 to 1617 - Jan Vnuk-Lipa pays his debts


Land Record - 1637 to 1638 - Jan Vnuk-Lipa is deceased - Farm transfers to son Pavel