Genealogical Research on the "Svehla Family" performed in the Czech Republic by Pavel Mraz - June 2002


From:"Pavel Mraz" <> 

To:"Michael Lippa" <>

Subject:Results - Report One

Date:Tue, 4 Jun 2002 17:38:02 +0200


Dear Mr. Lippa,

We are very sorry for keeping you waiting.

Our research in Trebon State Regional Archives has been finished.

Read results described in shortened form below, please.

(BR - birth record, MR - marriage record, DR - death record)

(We dispose exact extracts of records, including all dates and places,

house numbers, names of godparents, witnesses and priests, references


all notes mentioned in original entries. The description of results

below is

short in order only to keep you informed.)

(All abbreviations are written as they are in the records,

and will therefore be different from English.

For example, the date 10/2/1900 denotes Feb.10, 1900, not Oct.2,




Your ancestor Josef Svehla worked as bricklayer and lived in Sobedraz

# 5. He married Marie Vlk.


Josef and Marie had 6 children :

BR of Frantisek 1854, Josef 1857, Jan Nepomuk 1859, Karel 1861,T

Vincenc 1864, Antonin 1868.

(Let us know, which one is your direct ancestor - we could order copy


his birth record for you.) (1 COPY will be ordered)

DR of Antonin 1864.


MR of Josef Svehla and Marie Vlk 1855 (COPY was ordered)

Josef was son of Jan Svehla, cottager in Sobedraz, and his wife

Katerina Smrt.

Marie was daughter of Frantisek Vlk, cottager in Nikovice, and his


Veronika Kral.

Jan Svehla and Katerina Smrt had 8 children :

BR of Anna, Jan Krtitel, Frantisek, Josef, Vaclav, Josef (COPY was

ordered), Mariana, Vojtech.

DR of Anna and Josef.

MR of Frantisek, Vaclav, Josef (see above), Mariana, Vojtech.

MR of Jan Krtitel was not found.

BR of Marie Vlk 1829 (COPY was ordered)

DR of Josef Svehla (not found)

DR of Marie, his wife (not found)


MR of Jan Svehla and Katerina Smrt 1811 (COPY was ordered)

Jan was son of Josef Svehla, bricklayer in Blehov.

Katerina was daughter of Martin Smrt, cottager in Nikovice.

BR of Joannes Svehla 1782 (COPY was ordered)

BR of Catharina Smrt 1783

DR of Jan Svehla

DR of Katerina, his wife

MR of Frantisek Vlk and Veronika Kral 1816 (COPY was ordered)

Frantisek was son of Josef Vlk, cottager in Preborov.

Veronika was daughter of Josef Kral, farmer in Nikovice.

BR of Frantisek Vlk 1789

BR of Veronika Kral 1792

DR of Frantisek Vlk

DR of Veronika, his wife


MR of Josephus Svehla and Rosalia Kdolsky (COPY was ordered)

DR of Jozef Svehla, his wife

DR of Rosalia, his wife

MR of Martinus Smrt and Catharina Komornik (COPY was ordered)

DR of Martin Smrt, his wife

DR of Katerina, his wife

MR of Josephus Wlk and Catharina Kral (COPY was ordered)

DR of Jozef Wlk, his wife

DR of Katerina, his wife

2ndMR of Jozef Kral and Anna Beczwarz (COPY was ordered)

1stMR of Jozef Kral and Katerina Wesely (COPY was ordered)

DR of Jozef Kral (unfortunately, not found)

DR of Katerina 1st wife

DR of Anna, his 2nd wife


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