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Son of  Martin Hantak ( Abt 1741 -Aft 1773 )  and  Katerina ????? ( xxxx-xxxx )

Brother of  Martin, Jan and Martin

Husband of  Anna Drdek ( 1775-1851 )

Father of 6 children :  Magdalena,  Frantisek,  Jan,  Anna (my 3rd great grandmother),  Frantisek  and  Rozalie

4th Great-Grandfather of  Michael Joseph Lippa

Family Group Page - Vaclav Hantak-Hruza, Anna Drdek and their 6 children

Birth Record of Vaclav Hantak - August 15, 1770

Wedding Record of Vaclav Hantak-Hruza - October 30, 1790

More about Vaclav Hantak-Hruza ( 1770-1841 ) :

How Václav Hanták acquired the vulgo name Hruza is not clear but it definitely was not through his father or through marriage to Anna Drdek (her father already had a vulgo name). Václav already had his alias at the time of his wedding (see his marriage record). In most likelihood he bought a house in Nikovice that was previously owned by the Hruza Family and took on the “house name.”