Standing left to right:   (1)... Essie Johnson (nee Bailey - married to Grover Johnson)   (2)...  Sallie Whitten Seagle (nee Bailey - married to Charles Lee Seagle)   (3)...  Frances Bailey (will marry Stanley Chase)   (4)... Robert Henry Bailey (father of the 5 girls)   (5)... Lula Bailey (will marry Mr. Pratt)   (6)... Carrie Bruce (3rd wife of Robert Henry Bailey)

Sitting left to right:   (1)... Andrea Johnson (daughter of Essie)   (2)... Kathern Walls Bailey (will marry Stuart McHie)   (3)... Lena Jackson Seagle (will marry C. Bernard Gibson)

Photo taken 1920 in Narrows, Virginia  ... See below for more info

Essie Johnson        (1889-????)

Sallie W. Seagle    (1894-1972)

Frances Bailey       (1906-????)

Robert H. Bailey    (1869-1952)

Lula Bailey             (1892-????)

Carrie Bruce          (????-????)  

 Andrea Johnson    (????-????)

Kathern Bailey       (1912-1969)

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